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Protect Your Business In The Winter Months

In cold climates, such as the winter months in Massachusetts, snow can easily build up on your commercial roof, collecting up to several feet throughout the season

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Snow should be removed from flat roofs as quickly as possibly, to ensure no further damage is caused to the roof system itself, or the structure below. Even when commercial buildings have built-in drainage systems, there is a still a risk that the snow can be blocking access to the drainage inlets, or other key features on the roof. Plus, snow buildup can be very heavy over time. We offer comprehensive snow removal services.

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Signs Of Too Much Snow

There are some obvious signs of too much snow on you roof. One clear indicator is interior ceiling problems. This may be obvious signs of leaks, but could also be ceilings which sag or sprinkler lines/sprinkler heads that look lower than normal. Another sign could be unusual noises such as creaking or popping noises, which may be an indicator of shifting weights. As well, if you notice any doors or windows that may be difficult to open or close - this may be a sign that the roof or walls have shifted under the weight of the snow, which will get worse unless the snow is removed.

Snow is thrown from the roof after a snowfall. Snow removal from roofs

Negative Effects Of Too Much Snow

In addition to blocked access of building systems and features, too much snow on the roof can lead to other potential challenges or dangers in your building. One may be snow or ice that falls off the roof edges. This is particularly dangerous due to risk of injuries to staff or customers - as well as property below. Too much snow can also cause damage to your drainage system, or the roofing membranes themselves, especially when it is left to thaw and refreeze. Finally, snow is heavy! Too much buildup can exceed the roofs capacity an cause areas of the roof to collapse.

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Tips To Prevenr Snow Build UP

In addition to removing snow before it becomes a problem, you can also take some steps to try to reduce the risk of excessive snow buildup on your commercial roof. One option is to conduct yearly inspections. This would take place each autumn, before the snow arrives. A roof professional will come to inspect the roof, ensuring that areas that would be prone to ice and snow buildup are are taken care of. Another option is installing snow guards. While they are most common on metal roofs, snow guards can also be installed on flat roofs by a trained professional.

Experts in Snow Removal

Although snow removal may seem like a relatively simple task, the fact that it is on the roof adds great complexity. Only experienced and licensed roofing professionals should remove snow from your commercial roof. Flat roofs tend to be especially prone to snow buildup due to the lack of natural slope that allows the snow (and melted water) to flow down. If you're unsure if your commercial roof has too much snow, don't pick up the ladder yourself, as snow removal can be a dangerous job - especially if ice and sleet are included in the mix.

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